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Air (steam) sterilization filter is easy to operate and maintain meeting hygiene level requirements

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Air (steam) sterilization filter is easy to operate and maintain meeting hygiene level requirements

Air (steam) sterilization filter description:

The steam filter casing is mainly used to filter the moisture and solid impurities and dust inside the steam pipeline. The entire steam filter mainly uses sintered stainless steel filter elements. The entire design is easy to maintain, operational, efficient, and has a long service life.

Filter material: Pure stainless steel powder sintered into shape.

Filter element: filtration density of 1.5.25, 50um

Filter function: achieve clean steam effect.

Filtering effect: 98% (steam)

100% (gas) high quality, high-efficiency filtration.

Filter element: pressure drop of 0.3 Bar

Filter element temperature resistance: -20 to 210 ℃

Normal usage time of filter element: 1 year.

Recommended replacement time for filter element: 1 year.

Air (steam) sterilization filter applications:

It can mainly be applied in the sterilization function of biotechnology and medicine, as well as in the killing of vaccines in food and beverages. It can also filter the steam used to heat food. In the electronics industry, temperature filtration and steam filters in laboratories such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals all meet hygiene requirements.

Air (steam) sterilization filter technical parameter:

Max operate pressure (MPa): 1.0

Max operate temp: 110℃

Pressure tolerance on weld: 0.85

Corrosion by acid (mm): 0

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