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Automation stackable PCR thermal cycler multifunctional gradient special alloy modules saving space

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An automation stackable PCR thermal cycler represents a cutting-edge advancement in molecular biology and laboratory automation. This innovative instrument combines the efficiency of PCR thermal cycling with the convenience of automation, allowing for seamless integration into high-throughput workflows.


Stackable Design: The automation stackable PCR thermal cycler is designed with a stackable configuration, enabling multiple units to be vertically integrated. This space-saving design optimizes laboratory bench space while facilitating the processing of a large number of samples concurrently.

Automated Sample Handling: This cycler incorporates automated sample loading and unloading mechanisms, reducing manual intervention and streamlining the PCR workflow. Integration with robotic systems allows for even greater automation in sample preparation and analysis.

Modular Expandability: The stackable nature of the instrument allows laboratories to easily expand their capacity by adding more units as needed. This modular approach enhances scalability, making it adaptable to changing research or diagnostic demands.

User-Friendly Interface: The instrument is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, empowering researchers to program complex PCR protocols and automation scripts with ease. This ensures efficient operation and minimizes the learning curve for laboratory personnel.


High-Throughput Processing: Automation coupled with stackable design significantly increases throughput by enabling the simultaneous processing of multiple samples or the execution of parallel experiments across multiple thermal cyclers.

Integrated Data Management: These instruments often come with sophisticated data management systems that seamlessly integrate with laboratory information management systems (LIMS). This ensures accurate tracking of samples, protocols, and results.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Researchers can remotely monitor and control the instrument, enhancing flexibility and enabling real-time adjustments to experiments. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where continuous monitoring is required.


Genomic Screening: The high-throughput capabilities of automation stackable PCR thermal cyclers make them ideal for large-scale genomic screening projects, enabling the rapid analysis of numerous samples in parallel.

Drug Discovery: In pharmaceutical research, these instruments facilitate the screening of potential drug candidates by efficiently running PCR assays on a large scale, supporting the identification of promising compounds.

Diagnostic Testing: Clinical laboratories benefit from the automation and high-throughput features of this instrument, streamlining diagnostic testing processes and enhancing the efficiency of routine analyses.

Biotechnology Research: The modular and scalable nature of the stackable thermal cycler is advantageous for biotechnology research applications, allowing for flexible adaptation to diverse experimental requirements.

In conclusion, the automation stackable PCR thermal cycler represents a technological leap in the realm of molecular biology, providing a robust and efficient solution for laboratories engaged in high-throughput genetic analysis, diagnostics, and large-scale research projects.

Product description:

With the development of life science technology, PCR technology has become one of the most basic laboratory experimental technology, the application range is more and more wide, and the performance requirements of PCR instrument are also higher and higher. Based on many years of research and development experience of temperature control technology, Suzhou newmeen scientific instruments Co., Ltd. has introduced a new type of superimposed gradient PCR instrument after analyzing a large number of PCR experimental data. Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy can meet the needs of a variety of PCR experiments. User-friendly design allows beginners to get started quickly, making your PCR experiments easier.

Product features:

1. 7 inch high resolution capacitive screen: Graphical menu, preset PCR amplification program, convenient and fast.

2. Automatic entry and exit design: Adopting special alloy modules, thermal conductivity and temperature uniformity greatly improved.

3. Front and rear air inlet design: The instrument can be placed closely, saving space.

4. Three instruments can be stacked: The total height is only 55cm. Three use only one desktop area.

Technical parameters:
Automation stackable PCR thermal cycler multifunctional gradient special alloy modules saving space

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