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Constant temperature lighting table vibrator thermostat incubator shaker

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Product model: NMLO-800   NMLO-1500

The Constant Temperature Lighting Table Vibrator is an innovative laboratory apparatus designed to provide a stable and controlled environment for experiments involving both temperature-sensitive samples and precise light exposure. This versatile oscillator integrates advanced temperature regulation with a consistent lighting system, offering researchers a comprehensive solution for experiments in fields such as cell biology, plant physiology, and material science where maintaining a specific temperature and light conditions are paramount.

Key Features:

  1. Temperature Control: The vibrator is equipped with an advanced temperature control system that ensures a constant and precise temperature throughout the experiment. This feature is essential for research requiring a stable thermal environment.

  2. Integrated Lighting System: The constant temperature lighting table incorporates a dedicated lighting system, allowing researchers to control and adjust light exposure parameters. This is particularly valuable for studies where light conditions influence experimental outcomes.

  3. Oscillation Mechanism: The instrument features a reliable oscillation mechanism that enables uniform mixing or agitation of samples while maintaining consistent temperature and lighting conditions.

  4. Programmable Settings: Researchers have the flexibility to program and save specific temperature and lighting profiles, enabling automated and reproducible experimental conditions for various protocols.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The instrument is designed with an intuitive user interface, facilitating easy programming, monitoring, and adjustment of temperature and lighting parameters.


  1. Cell and Tissue Culture: Ideal for maintaining optimal growth conditions for cells and tissues during oscillation, ensuring consistent experimental outcomes under controlled temperature and lighting conditions.

  2. Plant Physiology: Valuable for research involving plants, enabling the study of plant responses to oscillation, temperature changes, and controlled light exposure.

  3. Material Science: Supports experiments involving the synthesis, mixing, or processing of materials that require controlled temperature and lighting conditions.

  4. Photochemical and Photobiological Studies: Essential for investigations in photochemistry and photobiology, where precise temperature and light control are critical for understanding light-induced reactions.

  5. Circadian Rhythm Research: Facilitates studies on circadian rhythms and biological clocks by providing a controlled environment with both temperature and lighting parameters.

The Constant Temperature Lighting Table Vibrator is a sophisticated laboratory instrument that combines temperature control, lighting capabilities, and oscillation mechanisms, offering researchers a comprehensive platform for precise and reproducible experiments in various scientific disciplines.

Applicable range:
This series of equipment can be widely used in plant cultivation, seed germination, seedling breeding, tissue cell, microbial culture. Temperature and humidity test for breeding and other uses of insects and small animals.

Product features:

1. Adopt the microcomputer all intelligent control system, strong function, strong anti-interference ability.

2. Silent design of the whole machine, electrostatic spray box body, equipped with glass watch window, at any time observe the temperature and light in the box.

3. inside type top lighting, special biological light source, good spectral characteristics, high intensity, small heat, especially suitable for experimental requirements.

4. Ultra-temperature sound and light alarm automatic protection function, can avoid overheat or subcooling damage test samples. The shell is made of high quality steel plate and full mirror stainless steel, never rusting.

5. Tilt control panel, large screen backlight LCD display, more good visual effect.

6. It has the function of running parameter memory, avoiding cumbersome operation and password lock, and preventing human error.

7. lt is equipped with the function of telephone recovery, which is not affected by the discontinuity of power supply. Has a strong and fast refrigeration system, so that the cooling requirements instantaneous realization and automatic frost function.

8. Remark: it can be selected to control multiple programming procedures, set the time, temperature, oscillation speed and other parameters independently.

Technical parameters:
Constant temperature lighting table vibrator thermostat incubator shaker

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