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Constant temperature water bath electric thermostatic oil bath laboratory scientific apparatus

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A water bath and oil bath are specialized heating devices commonly used in laboratory settings for precise temperature control in various scientific applications.

Water Bath: A water bath utilizes water as the heating medium and is designed to maintain a consistent temperature for samples placed in containers within the bath. It is particularly suitable for applications requiring a gentle and uniform heat transfer. Water baths are frequently employed in microbiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology laboratories for tasks such as incubation, enzyme reactions, and sample thawing.

Oil Bath: An oil bath, on the other hand, uses oil as the heating medium. This type of bath offers a wider temperature range compared to water baths, making it suitable for processes that demand higher temperatures. Oil baths are commonly used in chemistry and material science experiments, such as the synthesis of organic compounds, distillation, and viscosity measurements.

Shared Features: Both water and oil baths provide precise temperature control, allowing researchers to conduct experiments and reactions at specific temperature setpoints. They are equipped with heating elements and temperature regulation systems to maintain a stable and controlled environment.


  1. Research Laboratories: Water and oil baths are integral in various research fields, including biology, chemistry, and material science, for tasks such as incubation, chemical synthesis, and thermal testing.
  2. Quality Control: These baths find application in quality control processes, where precise temperature control is essential for ensuring consistency in experiments and analyses.
  3. Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Water baths are used in medical laboratories for applications like blood warming, while oil baths are employed in pharmaceutical research for drug formulation and testing.

The water baths and oil baths are versatile laboratory instruments with distinct applications, providing researchers with the capability to precisely control and maintain temperatures for a wide range of scientific processes.

Applicable range & features:

* NMWB series digital display constant temperature water bath is a sink type, made of high-quality stainless steel sheet, the shell is high-quality sheet metal and sprayed with plastic, with the advantages of corrosion resistance, temperature control using intelligent integrated circuit, LED display, intuitive and accurate reading, widely used in distillation, drying, concentrating and impregnating chemicals or biological products.

* NMOB series Thermostatic oil bath is widely used for distillation, drying, concentration and impregnation of chemical drugs or biological products. It is an essential testing instrument for various universities, environmental protection, scientific research, health and epidemic prevention, petroleum, metallurgical industry, chemical engineering, medicine and other units.

Technical parameters:

Constant temperature water bath electric thermostatic oil bath laboratory scientific apparatus

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