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DF56 Vet 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer

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5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer for Vet
  • Up to 60 test per hours
  • 23 parameters + 4 scatter grams + 3 histograms
  • 10 reportable species and 7 research species supported
DF56 Vet 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer
DF56 Vet 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer for Animals / Vet
Simple and fast maintenance of the entire machine
Low blood and reagent usage
Three scatter plots for more intuitive images
Optical methods for detecting white blood cell counts provide more accurate results
*23 parameters
*4 2D scatter plots
*3 histograms
*Analysis mode: CBC, CBC+DIFF
*Analysis speed: up to 60 samples/hour
*Injection mode: open injection
*Sample size: minimum allowable 20 μ L
*Blood sample mode: whole blood, pre diluted blood
*Display and operation: 10.4-inch color touch screen
*Data storage: 50000 sample records (including scatter plots, histograms, and animal information)
*Supported species: dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, horses, sheep, etc
*Custom Species: With up to 20 custom animal detection modes for users to choose from

Applicable Scenarios for DF56 Vet 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer:
Animal hospitals, animal husbandry institutes, research institutesveterinary hospitals, livestock farms

Small footprint with internal reagent position
Convenient operation with 10.4 inches touch screen
Only two lyse and one diluent for routine test, saving cost per test

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