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Full-Automatic filter integrity tester V1.2 fully automatic intake design

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Full-Automatic filter integrity tester V1.2 fully automatic intake design

Full-Automatic filter integrity tester description:

The on-line glove integrity tester WGT-1200 produced is designed according to the principle of the positive pressure leak detector recommended by GB/T 25915.7-2010/ISO 14644-7:2004. It is a special instrument for detecting leakage of gloves.

Full-Automatic filter integrity tester applications:

Isolator gloves undergo integrity testing after performing destructive actions. Minor damage to the gloves can be detected to avoid contamination and personal injury to the isolator product.

Full-Automatic filter integrity tester features:

- All English operation, mainly used for early exports.

- It has system self-check function, with an error report function for the system tightness and wrong operation.

- Real-time print of test results.

- It can be used to test the single core filter and multi-core filter.

Full-Automatic filter integrity tester technical parameter:

- Power Supply: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 120W.

- Operation Pressure: 100-8000mbar (115psi) .

- Unit: mbar

- Operation Condition: Ambient Temperature:+5℃ ~ +40℃. Relative Humidity:10-80%80%

-  Dimension (mm): 400(Width) ×240 (Depth) ×270(Height1)× 220(Height2)

- Test Accuracy: Bubble Point Test:± 75mbar

- Test Scope: Bubble Point :590-6900mbar

- Applied Range: Symmetric and asymmetric membrane , needle filter, filter bag, flat filter, filter cartridge (3 core within 20 inches).

- Print Function: Built-in printer

- Historical Records: 20 sets

- Display Screen: 3.2″,single color

- Language: English

- Work Mode: Online/Offline

- Applicable Environment: Above D level

- Weight: 7.5KG

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