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Glove integrity tester offline GT-2.0 CE certified touch screen design

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Glove integrity tester offline GT-2.0 CE certified touch screen design

Glove integrity tester offline description:

Glove leak detector is a device that detects whether gloves are damaged, slightly leaking or leaking air. It can quickly determine whether the tested gloves are leaking, whether they can be used, and provide a testing report.

Glove integrity tester offline applications:

Isolator gloves undergo integrity testing after performing destructive actions. Minor damage to the gloves can be detected to avoid contamination and personal injury to the isolator product.

Glove integrity tester offline features:

- Adopting a high-definition and large-sized color touch screen design, it can input richer testing information and automatically select and match the most suitable glove detection program according to different testing parameters.

Detailed test data and complete test curves enable users to comprehensively and accurately analyze various performance indicators of the tested gloves, providing users with an objective analysis report set of testing procedures, date and time display.

The user-friendly interface design and friendly prompt information make the operation of the instrument simple, convenient, and easy to learn and use. Multiple input methods (Chinese, English, numbers, and punctuation) to enrich customer information.

Scientific electronic signature and user classification management facilitate the subdivision of responsibilities and prevent misoperation;

The upper computer software and customizable communication protocols provide assurance for users to achieve automated centralized control and management.

Our independent R&D team can design specific solutions according to the needs of our clients.

The instrument design meets the requirements of relevant regulations in GMP, EP, USP, and FDA.

Glove integrity tester offline technical parameter:

- Working power supply: AC 220V 50Hz,120W

- Testing duration: 2-8mins

- Pressure range: 500-5000Pa

- Response value: ≤50Pa

- Noise: ≤50dB(A)

- Overall dimensions: 370*240*250(height1)*270(height2)

- Weight: 7.5KG

- Audit trail: Optional

- Offline glove tray: One free, more need customization.

- Audit trail storage: >=5years

Glove integrity tester offline instructions for use:

1. Set testing parameters on the instrument operation interface, including glove specifications, to ensure accurate settings.

2. Remove the gloves from the isolation compartment and place them on the tray of the instrument. Pay attention to keeping the glove disc flat with the glove opening, ensuring that the edge of the glove disc is in smooth contact with the glove fixing opening. Start testing with the instrument, and the instrument will start pressurizing the sealing ring at the edge of the glove disc. During this process, ensure that the end of the glove disc is stable. After the sealing ring pressure stabilizes and the sealing is completed, start pressurizing the gloves to the set value, The instrument stops air intake and begins leak testing.

3. After the test is completed, the instrument displays the test results, which can be printed as either "passed" or "failed".

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