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Handheld homogenizer easy to operate sample preparation prior to analysis of nucleic acids proteins cells pathogens

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NMHD-10 High Speed Homogenizer

The Handheld Homogenizer is a user-friendly and portable laboratory tool designed for easy and efficient sample preparation prior to the analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, and pathogens. This versatile instrument is particularly valuable for researchers and clinicians who require a compact and convenient solution for on-the-go sample homogenization in various life sciences and diagnostic applications.

Key Features:

  1. Portability and Convenience: The handheld design of this homogenizer allows for easy portability, making it an ideal choice for fieldwork, point-of-care settings, or any environment where mobility is essential.

  2. Ease of Operation: With a simple and intuitive operation interface, the handheld homogenizer is easy to use, requiring minimal training. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during sample preparation.

  3. Versatile Sample Homogenization: The homogenizer is suitable for a wide range of sample types, including tissues, cells, and pathogens. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for diverse applications in molecular biology, biochemistry, and diagnostics.

  4. Efficient and Rapid Processing: Despite its compact size, the handheld homogenizer is equipped with a powerful motor, enabling efficient and rapid sample homogenization, making it well-suited for time-sensitive analyses.


The Handheld Homogenizer is applicable in various scientific and clinical scenarios:

  1. Nucleic Acid Extraction: Facilitates the quick and efficient homogenization of samples to release nucleic acids, optimizing the subsequent extraction process for applications such as PCR and sequencing.

  2. Protein Extraction: Enables effective cell lysis for protein extraction, supporting downstream applications like Western blotting and enzyme assays.

  3. Cell Disruption: Valuable for disrupting cells to release intracellular components, contributing to studies involving gene expression analysis, flow cytometry, and cellular assays.

  4. Pathogen Detection: Aids in the homogenization of pathogenic samples for quick and reliable detection, crucial in infectious disease diagnostics and surveillance.

In summary, the Handheld Homogenizer is a practical and efficient tool, offering ease of use and versatility for researchers and practitioners involved in sample preparation for nucleic acid, protein, cell, and pathogen analyses. Its portable nature makes it particularly advantageous for applications beyond the traditional laboratory setting.

Applicable samples and applications:

The hand-held homogenizer adopts a portable hand-held design, which is easy to operate, has double insulation protection. The cutter head can be sterilized at high temperature, and is easy to disassemble.  Homogenization of samples in the laboratory is a common sample preparation step prior to analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, metabolism, pathogens, and many other target samples. It can homogenize animal and plant tissues, food, soil and other materials. The working principle of the homogenizer is that the sample is circulated into the narrow space between the stator and rotor in high-speed relative motion, and is quickly sheared and broken.

Product features:

1. Lightweight design, hand-held and one-handed operation.

2. Double insulation protection to ensure safety.

3. It is suitable for processing fluid materials in batches in small containers, such as processing muscle, internal organs, fibers, etc.

4. High-speed and high-efficiency motor which has a long life.

5. Equipped with H-shaped bracket, the height and angle can be adjusted, which is more convenient and standard for access and storage.

Technical parameters:

Model: NMHD-10

Speed ​​range: 3000~35000rpm Stepless speed regulation 

Speed ​​display method: Scale display

Rotor linear speed: 2m/sec~10m/sec

Dispersing head: 316 stainless steel, special Teflon bearings, high temperature and high pressure sterilizable

Dispersing head Specifications: Φ6mm. Φ8mm. Φ10mm 

Working noise: 72dB (no load)

Input power: AC 220V, 50Hz. You can use voltage converters or customize according to regional differences.

Power (input/output): 135W

Dimensions: 260×330×70mm

Net Weight: 0.6kg

Partial products categories: Bioprocess single-use bagsAtomic absorption spectrometer(AAS)Ultraviolet and Visible spectrophotometer(UV-VIS Spectrophotometer) , Life science instrumentsHeating instruments, etc.

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