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High throughput refrigerated tissue grinder good reproducibility uniform sufficient vertical oscillation

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Newmeen Series High Throughput Refrigerated Tissue Grinder

The appearance of the new device is dark green

The High Throughput Refrigerated Tissue Grinder is an innovative laboratory instrument designed to provide efficient and high-performance tissue homogenization while maintaining a controlled, low-temperature environment. This specialized grinder offers a range of features tailored to meet the demands of modern research applications.

Key Features:

  1. High Throughput Capability: The instrument is engineered to process multiple tissue samples simultaneously, significantly increasing the throughput of sample preparation workflows. This feature is particularly advantageous for large-scale experiments, screening studies, or any application requiring the processing of numerous samples.

  2. Refrigeration System: Equipped with a precision refrigeration system, this tissue grinder ensures that samples are maintained at low temperatures throughout the homogenization process. This feature is crucial for preserving the integrity of sensitive biological molecules such as RNA and proteins, minimizing degradation and ensuring reliable downstream analyses.

  3. Customizable Settings: The grinder offers a user-friendly interface with customizable settings for grinding parameters, allowing researchers to tailor the homogenization process to the specific requirements of different tissues or experimental protocols.

  4. Consistent and Reproducible Results: The instrument's robust design and advanced engineering contribute to consistent and reproducible results, providing researchers with reliable homogenates for downstream applications such as nucleic acid and protein extractions.


The High Throughput Refrigerated Tissue Grinder is particularly well-suited for applications in molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics. It is essential for the efficient homogenization of diverse tissue types, including plant tissues, animal tissues, and cultured cells. The controlled refrigeration ensures the preservation of sample integrity, making it ideal for studies where the maintenance of biomolecule stability is critical.

In summary, the High Throughput Refrigerated Tissue Grinder combines high throughput capability with precise refrigeration, offering a versatile solution for researchers engaged in a variety of biological and biochemical studies.

Product features:

NEWMEEN high-throughput cryogenic grinder grinds samples including plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and certain animal tissues. it is especially suitable for the extraction of nucleic acids, proteins and other components in plant tissues. In addition, it can also crush yeast, cultured animal cells, bacterial cells, etc., so as to extract the components.

The up and down vertical oscillation mode makes the sample grinding more uniform and sufficient. With a good reproducibility, there is no cross-contamination between samples. So we can say it is a real high-channel vertical oscillation system. Each sample only takes 1-2 minutes to be done.

The built-in internationally renowned brand refrigeration compressor, which can be used for low-temperature grinding and preservation of temperature-sensitive samples.

Applicable samples and applications:
1. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) rapid multi-sample grinding preparation.

2. Rapid lysis of tissue homogenate for nucleic acid extraction, RNA/DNA extraction, protein extraction.

3. Lysis of yeast and bacterial cells.

4. Pesticide/killer Pesticide analysis. (testing food residue pesticides or toxic substances in LC/MS/MS sample processing)

5. QuEChERS method. (pesticides, antibiotics, drug extraction)

6. Extraction of medicinal active ingredients APIs.

7. Food safety (pollution, adulteration, Food traceability)

8. Biofuel

Technical parameters
High throughput refrigerated tissue grinder good reproducibility uniform sufficient vertical oscillation

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