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Innovative flapping aseptic homogenizer for precise and contamination-free homogenization

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Product model: NMFH-11F

The Flapping Aseptic Homogenizer represents a cutting-edge advancement in laboratory technology, specifically engineered for aseptic sample processing. Employing innovative flapping mechanisms, this homogenizer provides a gentle and efficient means of breaking down various biological samples while ensuring aseptic conditions.

Key Principles: Unlike traditional homogenizers, the Flapping Aseptic Homogenizer utilizes a unique flapping action, minimizing the risk of microbial contamination during the homogenization process. This technology enables thorough disruption of cells and tissues while preserving the integrity of sensitive biological structures.

Advantages: The primary advantage lies in its aseptic processing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for applications where sample purity is of utmost importance. The flapping technology employed is designed to be gentle, preventing excessive heat generation and maintaining the quality of critical biomolecules.

Versatility and Customization: This homogenizer is versatile and adaptable to various sample types, including cells, tissues, and microorganisms. Researchers benefit from customizable settings, allowing precise control over homogenization conditions and ensuring flexibility to meet the specific requirements of diverse experiments.

Applications: The Flapping Aseptic Homogenizer finds utility across a spectrum of scientific disciplines:

  1. Microbiological Research: In microbiology studies, it aids in aseptic homogenization, supporting the analysis of microbial cultures and environmental samples.

  2. Pharmaceutical Development: In pharmaceutical research, it is integral for aseptic sample preparation, facilitating the extraction of bioactive compounds and contributing to drug formulations.

  3. Biotechnological Processes: For biotechnology applications, it homogenizes cells and biomolecules, playing a role in the development of biopharmaceuticals and biofuel production.

  4. Clinical Diagnostics: In clinical laboratories, the homogenizer is valuable for aseptic sample processing, aiding in the preparation of specimens for nucleic acid extraction, protein analysis, and diagnostic assays.

The Flapping Aseptic Homogenizer is at the forefront of aseptic sample processing technology, offering researchers a sophisticated and contamination-free solution for precise and gentle homogenization in a variety of scientific and industrial settings.

Applicable samples and applications:

NEWMEEN series aseptic homogenizer, also known as patting homogenizer, is widely used in animal tissue, biological samples and other homogenizing treatment, in food, medicine, cosmetics, clinical, molecular, toxin and bacteria detection fields can be applied, especially suitable for the preparation of microbial detection samples. The device adopts a stainless steel system, which can effectively separate the surface of solid samples and the microorganisms included in a sample. The sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogenizing bag, without contact with the instrument. It has the characteristics of soft homogenization, no pollution, no damage, no temperature rise, no sterilization treatment, no washing utensils, and meets the requirements of fast, accurate results and good repeatability. This product is also suitable for the homogenization of tumor tissues (such as liver cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer), which can obtain a large number of single cells (up to 2×105 in 2 minutes). If necessary, it can achieve soft crushing of tissue cells (such as liver, etc.) by extending the homogenization time.

Product features:

1. Large screen full computer LCD display, easy to operate.

2. Intelligent program control, 3 groups of multi-segment programming, each segment can be set the parameters such as clap time, clap speed and time respectively.

3. The box is made of high quality stainless steel and anti-corrosion spray plastic.

4. The flapping distance can be adjusted, which is convenient to handle samples of different processing.

5. quantities and achieve the ideal homogenization effect.

6. Adjustable homogenization time.

7. A fixed or variable homogeneous velocity.

8. Progressive homogenization, excellent cell protection.

9. Sterile disposable filter bag to ensure hygiene and safety.

10. Fully open door for easy cleaning.

11. The sample is not in contact with the homogenizer and does not require systematic cleaning.

12. Large window Transparent tempered glass window for easy observation.

13. Detachable adjustable slap plate with automatic stop anti-pinch function.

Technical parameters:

Innovative flapping aseptic homogenizer for precise and contamination-free homogenization

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