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Intelligent biochemical incubator mould and fungus incubator high efficiency low energy consumption

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The Intelligent Biochemical and Mould Incubator is a cutting-edge laboratory equipment designed to provide a controlled environment for a variety of applications, including biochemical experiments and the cultivation of molds. This incubator incorporates intelligent features, ensuring precise temperature control, optimal humidity, and a sterile atmosphere, making it an essential tool for research in microbiology, molecular biology, and other life sciences.

Key Features:

  1. Intelligent Temperature Control: The incubator is equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, allowing researchers to set and maintain specific temperatures with high accuracy, ensuring optimal conditions for biochemical reactions and mold cultivation.

  2. Humidity Regulation: The incubator features humidity regulation capabilities, essential for experiments that require a specific level of moisture for the growth of molds or for maintaining proper conditions for certain biochemical processes.

  3. Sterile Environment: Designed to provide a sterile environment, the incubator minimizes the risk of contamination during microbial cultures, ensuring the reliability and integrity of experimental results.

  4. Programmable Settings: Researchers can program and save specific temperature and humidity profiles, enabling automated and reproducible experimental conditions for various protocols.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an intuitive interface, the incubator allows easy programming, monitoring, and adjustment of temperature and humidity parameters, enhancing user convenience.


  1. Microbial Cultures: Ideal for the cultivation of bacteria, yeast, and molds, supporting research in microbiology and microbial fermentation processes.

  2. Biochemical Experiments: Essential for maintaining stable and controlled conditions for various biochemical reactions, enzyme assays, and protein expression studies.

  3. Seed Germination: Suitable for creating a conducive environment for plant seed germination studies, providing the necessary warmth and humidity.

  4. Cell Culture: Supports the growth of mammalian cells and tissue cultures, creating an optimal environment for cell proliferation and experimentation.

  5. Mycology Research: Essential for cultivating molds and fungi for mycological studies, contributing to research in areas such as medicine, agriculture, and environmental science.

The Intelligent Biochemical and Mould Incubator is an advanced laboratory instrument that integrates intelligent control features, providing researchers with a reliable and precise environment for a wide range of applications in the life sciences.

NMBI series biochemical incubator & NMMI series mold incubator are the high-precision thermostatic equipment with cooling and heating control, also the thermostatic culture devices of bacillus and mold culture test. They are the ideal equipment for scientific research and production in various fields like bioengineering, medical research, hygiene and disease control, environmental protection, drug inspection, farming. aquatic product, college, water analysis & BOD test, plant cultivation, storage, etc.

Product features:

1. They adopt the incubator body made of first-rank steel sheet, plastic-sprayed surface, the internal bladder made of finished stainless steel, semi-circle four corners, it is quite easy to clean, the gap of shelf in the incubator is adjustable, besides, they adopt the external door equipped with the observation window or double-layer toughened glass internal door.

2. Microcomputer intelligent LCD temperature controller, PID control, touch type buttons, displaying both the set temperature and the temperature inside the box, with reliable temperature control accuracy and timing function. It also has functions such as overtemperature and overcurrent, as well as displaying safety protection, sound and light alarms, etc.

3. Protecting the environment, fluorine free refrigeration, high efficiency, low energy consumption, promoting energy conservation.

4. A reasonable and advanced temperature circulation system composed of branded micro fans, ensuring even temperature inside the box, the fan speed can be automatically controlled.

5. Upgraded, large screen LCD temperature controller, in addition to the above functions, it also has more precise temperature control, less temperature fluctuations, novel appearance, more complete protection, and can be equipped with USB interface, which can connect printers and computers to record changes in temperature parameters. (optional) 6. Equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm system, it automatically interrupts when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure safe operation of the experiment and prevent accidents. (optional)

Technical parameters:

Intelligent biochemical incubator mould and fungus incubator high efficiency low energy consumptionIntelligent biochemical incubator mould and fungus incubator high efficiency low energy consumption

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