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Multifunctional gradient PCR amplification experiments gradient uniform cooling

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Multifunctional gradient PCR instrument

Product model: NMPCR-2000

A multifunctional gradient PCR instrument represents an advanced evolution in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, offering a versatile platform that integrates gradient functionality into the PCR process. This instrument is designed to provide researchers with enhanced control over temperature variations across multiple samples simultaneously. Here is a comprehensive overview, covering the key features, functions, and applications of a multifunctional gradient PCR instrument:


Gradient Functionality: The standout feature of this instrument is its ability to create a thermal gradient across the heating block, allowing for simultaneous testing of various annealing temperatures in different sample wells. This is particularly advantageous for optimizing PCR conditions and amplifying targets with varying annealing temperature requirements.

Multiple Thermal Blocks: To accommodate high-throughput experiments, multifunctional gradient PCR instruments often incorporate multiple thermal blocks, enabling parallel processing of numerous samples or the flexibility to run different PCR programs simultaneously.

Precision Temperature Control: These instruments are equipped with highly precise temperature control systems, ensuring uniform and accurate heating and cooling across the entire sample set.

User-Friendly Interface: The user interface is designed for ease of programming, enabling researchers to input specific temperature profiles, cycle numbers, and other parameters to tailor the PCR conditions to the unique requirements of their experiments.


Optimization of PCR Conditions: The gradient functionality allows researchers to identify the optimal annealing temperature for a specific PCR reaction, thereby improving the efficiency and specificity of DNA amplification.

High-Throughput Processing: With multiple thermal blocks, the instrument facilitates the simultaneous processing of multiple samples, saving time and increasing experimental throughput.

Flexibility in Experimental Design: Researchers can explore a range of temperature conditions within a single experiment, making the multifunctional gradient PCR instrument ideal for a variety of applications, including mutation detection, genotyping, and gene expression analysis.


Genetic Research: Multifunctional gradient PCR instruments are essential tools in genetic research, supporting the amplification of DNA for applications such as sequencing, cloning, and mutation analysis.

Clinical Diagnostics: In clinical laboratories, these instruments are employed for the detection of specific genetic markers associated with diseases, enabling accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies.

Environmental DNA Analysis: Researchers studying environmental samples can utilize gradient PCR instruments to optimize conditions for amplifying DNA from complex and varied biological materials.

Food Safety and Forensics: The instrument finds applications in food safety testing and forensic analysis, where the ability to optimize PCR conditions is crucial for accurate and reliable results.

A multifunctional gradient PCR instrument offers a powerful and flexible solution for researchers and clinicians, providing precise control over PCR conditions and expanding the scope of applications in genetic analysis and diagnostics.

Product Description:

NMPCR-2000 PCR instrument is a fast PCR instrument, with a variety of functions (gradient, uniform cooling, U disk copy, Chinese-English bilingual switching, dual temperature control mode (Tube/Block), power off protection, etc.), can meet a variety of laboratory PCR amplification experiments. Through innovative design, the original one-bond DNA refolding function greatly facilitates the user's experimental requirements for uniform temperature and slow drop.

Technical parameters:
Multifunctional gradient PCR amplification experiments gradient uniform coolingMultifunctional gradient PCR amplification experiments gradient uniform coolingMultifunctional gradient PCR amplification experiments gradient uniform cooling

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