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Newmeen series multipoint vortex mixer large sample processing vibrator maintenance free shaker

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Product model: NMVM-1500

Newmeen series multipoint vortex mixer large sample processing  vibrator maintenance free shaker

The Multipoint Vortex Mixer vibrator is an advanced laboratory instrument designed for precise and simultaneous mixing of multiple samples in various vessels. This versatile mixer incorporates vortexing and oscillation mechanisms, offering researchers a reliable solution for homogenizing and agitating multiple samples simultaneously. The instrument is particularly valuable in life sciences, molecular biology, and biochemical applications where efficient sample preparation is crucial.

Key Features:

  1. Multipoint Mixing: The mixer is equipped with multiple mixing points, allowing for the simultaneous processing of several samples. This feature significantly increases efficiency and throughput in laboratory workflows.

  2. Vortex Mixing Mechanism: The vortexing component creates a circular motion within each sample, promoting efficient mixing of liquids, suspensions, and other sample types.

  3. Oscillation Capability: The integrated oscillation function enhances mixing by providing additional agitation, ensuring thorough homogenization of samples and preventing sedimentation.

  4. Adjustable Speed and Intensity: Researchers have the flexibility to control the speed and intensity of both vortexing and oscillation, enabling customization for different sample types and volumes.

  5. Compact and User-Friendly Design: The instrument is designed to be compact, saving valuable bench space in the laboratory. Additionally, it features an intuitive user interface for easy operation and monitoring.


  1. Cell Culture and Microbiology: Ideal for mixing cell cultures, reagents, and microbial samples, ensuring uniform distribution of substances for consistent experimental results.

  2. Molecular Biology: Facilitates the mixing of DNA, RNA, and protein samples in microcentrifuge tubes, PCR plates, and other vessels commonly used in molecular biology experiments.

  3. Sample Preparation for Analytical Techniques: Essential for preparing samples for various analytical techniques, such as ELISA, Western blotting, and enzyme assays, where uniform sample distribution is critical.

  4. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research: Supports the homogenization of chemical reactions, dissolution of compounds, and mixing of pharmaceutical formulations in multi-well plates.

  5. General Laboratory Mixing: Versatile enough to handle routine mixing tasks in diverse laboratory settings, contributing to overall laboratory efficiency.

The Multipoint Vortex Mixer Vibrator serves as a highly efficient and versatile tool for laboratories engaged in a wide range of scientific disciplines, providing simultaneous mixing of multiple samples with precision and ease.

Working principle:

Constant temperature mixe is a kind of multi-purpose constant temperature oscillator which combines DC brushless motor and PID intelligent temperature control technology. PID fuzzy control technology can accurately ensure the temperature control accuracy, and automatically adjust heating rate to save waiting time, so as to achieve the reaction process of sample incubation, catalysis, mixing and preservation.

Application scenario:

Multi-point vortex mixer is compact and uses DC brushless motor technology and microcomputer control technology to provide a wide range of functions. It perfectly combines the two functions of constant temperature and oscillation, which greatly reduces the time of experimental operation. With multi-purpose heating, oscillating and cooling functions to meet the needs of different users. Vortex Multi multi-point vortex mixers are widely used in biotechnology, microbiology and medical analysis.

Product features:

1. Large sample processing capacity, 50mL*16 or 15mL*28 samples can be processed at one time and mixed.

2. With timing function, mixing time can be arbitrarily set within the range of 1min ~ 99h59min.

3. Digital display function, the display screen can display the remaining time, support timing function.

4. Dc brushless motor drive, speed accurate, long life, maintenance free.

5. Color touch screen, make the operation more intuitive.

6. uniform mode or impact mode can be choose for different samples.

7. Accurate oscillation speed, small fluctuation.

8. Built-in lighting for clear observation of samples.

Technical parameters:
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