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About Us

About Us

Suzhou newmeen scientific instruments co., ltd. is an integrated high and new technology enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacture, sale and service in the field of laboratory instrument & single-use bioprocess containers, tools and consumables. Our company provides users with the first-class products.

The Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and UV-VIS Spectrophotometer sold by Newmeen is a brand from PerkinElmer's wholly-owned subsidiary in China. The products inherit Parkinghammer's technology, first-class quality and after-sales service, high cost performance products optimize your laboratory budget, and we specialize in cutting edge laboratory instruments designed to revolutionize your research process.

As a customer looking for laboratory instruments or 
single-use bioprocess products, you want a supplier who understands your needs and can provide you with high-quality products.

At Suzhou Newmeen Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., we understand the importance of reliable and efficient toots for your research and scientific endeavors.

That's why we take ownership of your problem by offering a wide range of laboratory instruments & 
bioprocess products, including vacuum centrifugal concentrators, ultrasonic cell crushers, freeze dryers, homogenizer, PCR, culture box, oscillation, magnetic stirrer, single-use bioprocess containers and more. Our products are designed to meet the demands of modern research and provide accurate and precise results.

With our high-quality products, you can achieve the happy ending of successful experiments and groundbreaking discoveries. Trust Suzhou Newmeen Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. to provide you with the tools you need for your scientific journey.

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High-performance Laboratory Instruments for Precise Scientific Research

Benefits of Using Our Business:

·       Enhance your research and experimentation capabilities

·       Ensure accurate and reliable scientific data

·       Optimize your sample processing and analysis

·       Increase efficiency and productivity in your lab

·       Save costs with our cost-effective solutions

·       Stay ahead of industry standards and regulations

·       Streamline your workflows with automation and data integration

·       Achieve precise and reproducible results for accurate scientific conclusions



What products do you offer?


We offer a wide range of laboratory instruments including vacuum centrifugal concentrators, ultrasonic cell crushers, vacuum freeze dryers, homogenizers, flake ice makers, high-throughput tissue grinders, ultrasonic cleaning machines, and more.


What kind of services do you offer?

We offer sales, installation, maintenance, and repair services for all of our laboratory instruments.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally to customers all over the world.


Do you provide warranty for your products?

Yes, we provide a warranty for all of our products. Please refer to the specific product page for more information on the warranty period.


How can I place an order?

To place an order, please contact our sales team via email or phone. They will assist you with the ordering process.


Can I request a custom configuration for a product?

Yes, we can accommodate custom configurations for certain products. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Bioprocess Tools and Consumables for Efficient and Reliable Research

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In 2021, in the context of the global COVID-19, we invested in the business of biopharmaceuticals, specializing in the production of tools and consumables used by bioprocess, solution provider for your single use bioprocess. Optimize your bioprocess ecfficiency with our cutting-edge tools and consumables, our wide range of tools and consumables, including 2D and 3D liquid storage bags, powder weighing bags, and single-use freezing bags, are designed to meet the unique needs of bioprocess professionals.

With our high-quality and reliable products, take advantage of our single-use magnetic force stirring and mixing systems, as well as our sealing and connection solutions, you can streamline your bioprocess operations and ensure optimal efficiency. Trust in our expertise and let us help you excel in your bioprocess endeavors.

We offer a wide range of tools and consumables used in bioprocessing including 2D and 3D liquid storage bags, lining bags, powder weighing bags, frozen storage bags, single-use freezing bags, cell culture bags, disposable sampling bags, sterilization breath bags, transfer tools, single-use magnetic force stirring systems, single-use mixing bags, waving-type mixing systems, seal receivers, tube sealers and welders, single-use plastic connectors, and cell perfusion systems.

About Us

Imagine being a researcher or scientist working in the field of bioprocess. You have important experiments to conduct and valuable samples to store, but you struggle to find the right tools and consumables to support your work.


That's where we come in. We understand the challenges you face and the specific needs of your industry. Our company, Suzhou Newmeen Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., is dedicated to providing the highest-quality tools and consumables used by bioprocess professionals like you.


We take ownership of your problem by offering a wide range of products specifically designed for the bioprocessing industry. Whether you need 2D liquid storage bags, cell culture bags, or single-use freezing bags, we have you covered.


With our tools and consumables, you can conduct your research and experiments with confidence. Our products are reliable, durable, and meet the highest industry standards. Say goodbye to the stress of searching for the right tools and focus on what you do best – advancing scientific knowledge and making a difference in the world of bioprocess.

Address: Building 2, No. 291 East Qianjin Road, Kunshan Development Zone, Jiangsu, 215300 China

Phone: +86-13338053800

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