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PCR thermal cycler enhance DNA amplification precise temperature control rapid cycling

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Multifunctional gradient PCR instrument

Product model: NMPCR-1000

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) instruments are essential tools in molecular biology laboratories, designed to facilitate the amplification of specific DNA sequences.designed to facilitate the process of DNA amplification through the PCR technique. These instruments play a pivotal role in molecular biology research, diagnostics, and various applications in the life sciences. PCR instruments are equipped with precise temperature control systems, allowing for the repeated cycling of reaction temperatures required for DNA denaturation, primer annealing, and DNA extension. These devices enable the selective and exponential amplification of specific DNA sequences, providing researchers with an invaluable tool for studying genes, identifying pathogens, and conducting genetic analyses. With features such as user-friendly interfaces, programmable protocols, and rapid cycling capabilities, PCR instruments streamline and enhance the accuracy of DNA amplification processes, making them indispensable in modern laboratory settings.


PCR thermal cyclers are equipped with precise temperature control systems, typically consisting of three main stages: denaturation, annealing, and extension. These devices ensure optimal conditions for the PCR reaction by rapidly cycling through these temperature phases. Advanced models may include multiple thermal blocks, allowing for parallel processing of multiple samples, and gradient functionality to optimize annealing temperatures.


Temperature Control: PCR thermal cyclers precisely control temperature variations to facilitate the denaturation of DNA at high temperatures, primer annealing at lower temperatures, and DNA extension at intermediate temperatures.

Programmability: These instruments offer programmable temperature profiles, allowing researchers to customize cycling parameters based on the specific requirements of their PCR reactions.

Uniform Heating and Cooling: PCR thermal cyclers employ advanced heating and cooling technologies to ensure uniform temperature distribution across all samples, minimizing variations and enhancing reaction efficiency.

Real-time Monitoring: Some thermal cyclers feature real-time fluorescence monitoring capabilities, enabling the quantification and analysis of DNA amplification as it occurs during the PCR process.


DNA Amplification: The primary function of PCR thermal cyclers is to amplify specific DNA sequences, making them invaluable tools for various applications, including cloning, sequencing, and genotyping.

Molecular Diagnostics: PCR thermal cyclers are widely used in clinical laboratories for the detection of infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and other molecular markers, contributing to diagnostic advancements in medicine.

Forensic Analysis: In forensic science, PCR thermal cyclers are utilized to amplify DNA from crime scene samples, enabling the identification of individuals and aiding in criminal investigations.

Research and Development: Researchers across disciplines use PCR thermal cyclers for a broad range of studies, including gene expression analysis, mutation detection, and environmental DNA analysis.

In summary, PCR thermal cyclers are essential tools in molecular biology, providing precise temperature control for the amplification of DNA in diverse applications ranging from basic research to clinical diagnostics. Their versatility and programmability make them indispensable instruments for laboratories engaged in genetic analysis and molecular research.

Product Description:

NMPCR-1000 PCR instrument is a high-quality PCR instrument with multifunction of gradient, uniform cooling, U disk copy, Chinese and English bilingual switching, etc. The innovative design is to ensure the uniform temperature drop exactly meet the user's experimental requirements for a uniform and slow drop in temperature. The instrument design focuses on product functionality and practicability. In order to better fit the bottom of the PCR tube, the arc design of the bottom of the module hole is adopted. This design can make the temperature of the sample in the tube more accurate and more uniform.

In addition, during the experiment, due to the electromagnetic radiation of the laboratory circuit and various instruments, the PCR instrument may appear crash, pause and other failures which may result in the loss of precious samples. The C10 PCR instrument greatly reduces the influence of electromagnetic interference on the host through the internal layout, the use of filter stabilized power supply and electronic components, and the design of special material shells which all keep the instrument more stable.


Product features:

1. NMPCR-1000 arc-bottom hole, the bottom of the PCR tube fits.
2. Other flat-bottomed holes, have larger gap at the bottom of the PCR tube .
3. High-resolution capacitive touch screen, the touch feel is better than most similar products, and it can also be operated with latex gloves.
4. With front wind and rear air outlet design, multiple PCR instruments can be placed side by side at a close distance, which greatly saves space on the table.

5. Gland type hot lid is convenient and fast, and has excellent hand feeling .
6. The software editing interface is a graphical user interface which is intuitive and easy operation, such as edit, run and save the program. The large memory can store 15,000 programs. 
7. Unique uniform cooling function, only need to input the initial temperature, target temperature and required time, saves time and energy.


Technical parameters:

PCR thermal cycler enhance DNA amplification precise temperature control rapid cyclingPCR thermal cycler enhance DNA amplification precise temperature control rapid cycling

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