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Mobile single-use magnetic mixing system for bioprocess magnetic force stirring machine

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Single-use magnetic mixing system for bioprocess / magnetic force stirring machine

A single-use magnetic mixing system refers to a disposable or single-use solution that incorporates magnetic mixing technology for the homogenization and stirring of liquids. This system is designed for applications where the benefits of single-use technology, such as reduced risk of cross-contamination and simplified cleaning processes, are combined with the efficiency of magnetic mixing.

Key Features:

  1. Disposable Design: The entire mixing system, including the magnetic stir bar and associated components, is intended for one-time use. This eliminates the need for cleaning and sterilization between batches.

  2. Magnetic Stir Bar: A magnetic stir bar is a key component that is placed within the disposable mixing bag or container. It responds to the rotating magnetic field generated by an external drive unit, providing efficient and uniform mixing of the liquid.

  3. Integration with Single-Use Bags: The magnetic mixing system is often designed to seamlessly integrate with single-use bags or bioreactor systems, making it suitable for various bioprocessing and pharmaceutical applications.

  4. Sterile and Pre-Assembled: The system is typically provided in a pre-assembled, sterile configuration, ensuring that it meets the necessary hygiene and safety standards for use in biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries.

  5. Scalability: Single-use magnetic mixing systems are available in different sizes, allowing for scalability to accommodate various volumes of liquid in bioreactor applications.


  1. Biopharmaceutical Production: Used in the cultivation of cells for the production of biologics, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products.

  2. Cell Culture: Suitable for stirring and mixing cell culture media and reagents in research and development laboratories.

  3. Bioreactor Processes: Applied in single-use bioreactors for the cultivation of mammalian cells, microbial cultures, and other biological systems.

  4. Vaccine Production: Used in the stirring and mixing of media and components during vaccine production processes.


  1. Reduced Contamination Risk: Being single-use, the system minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between batches.

  2. Time and Cost Savings: Eliminates the need for cleaning and validation processes associated with reusable mixing systems.

  3. Convenience: Pre-assembled and sterile systems offer convenience in setup and usage.

  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Available in various sizes to accommodate different volumes, providing scalability and flexibility in bioprocessing applications.

In summary, a single-use magnetic mixing system combines the advantages of disposable technology with the efficiency of magnetic stirring, making it a valuable solution for various applications in bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Single-use magnetic mixing system introduction:

The single use magnetic stirring system mainly consists of rigid support system, drive system, weighing system, control system, data output system and sensor or instrumentation. It is mainly designed to provide efficient and fast mixing of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid through stirring, weighing, temperature control, PH monitoring, etc. stereo solution, the bottom magnetic stirring unit is divided into one-piece drive and split drive. Disposable magnetic stirring system is a modular system. It is widely used for medium preparation, buffer preparation, purification of intermediate products, mixing and semi-completed products. The system is now widely used for medium preparation, buffer preparation, purification of intermediates, homogenization and semi-completed products.

Single-use magnetic mixing system advantages:

- Equipment bracket and support container made of 304 stainless steel with brushed surface treatment. - The stirring paddle inside the disposable magnetic stirring bag is driven by a magnetically coupled motor. with no mechanical seal, no stirring shaft running through the tank and no lubricating oil, so no particles are generated during stirring. which greatly reduces the risk of pollution. - PLC control. stable control, easy and simple operation. - Ease of installation, use and maintenance. - Modular design, according to different needs to develop different solutions, such as weighing. Conductivity monitoring, PH monitoring, temperature monitoring and other functions.

Single-use magnetic mixing system applications:

Buffer preparation, intermediate mixing.

Single-use magnetic mixing system parameters:

Mobile single-use magnetic mixing system for bioprocess magnetic force stirring machine

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Mobile single-use magnetic mixing system for bioprocess magnetic force stirring machine

Mobile single-use magnetic mixing system for bioprocess magnetic force stirring machine

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