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SS-V150A cold evaporation hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine with wide spectrum sterilization

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SS-V150A cold evaporation hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine / hydrogen peroxide sterilizer with wide spectrum sterilization

Cold evaporation hydrogen peroxide sterilizer introduction:

The infusion system of the disinfection machine uses a low-speed infusion pump to continuously and quantitatively supply disinfectant, and a high-speed fan provides high kinetic energy carrier gas. When a trace amount of liquid enters the nozzle at low speed and encounters a high-speed carrier, the gas produces strong collisions and pulverization on the liquid, achieving the effect of submicron atomization. Then, through the strong power of the ultra high speed fan, the submicron particles are quickly transported to the far end and perfectly diffused into the entire space, achieving the effect of rapid disinfection.

Cold evaporation hydrogen peroxide sterilizer principle:

- Efficient broad-spectrum sterilization: can kill various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

- Dry mist of atomized particles: uniform diffusion.

- Hydrogen peroxide solution concentration ≤ 8%, good material compatibility.

- Intelligent operation, one click control, one click start.

- Sound and light alarm.

- Multiple sets of room parameters can be set according to actual needs.

- Compact and lightweight, easy to move and carry.

- Control: Wireless remote control or screen operation.

- Permission Management: Password Management.

- With SOP, quick operation.

- Optional: built-in battery, wireless tablet control, mobile robot chassis, etc.

Cold evaporation hydrogen peroxide sterilizer technical parameters:

- Sterilization volume: ≤ 150m.

- Sterilization effect: Reaching Log6 level.

- Equipment size: 270 * 430 * 300mm (length * width * height).

- Spray particle size: 1-3um. - Liquid storage capacity: 1L (can be expanded to 2L).

- Equipment weight: 6kg. - Equipment power supply: 220V 50HZ.

- Control module: wireless remote control.

- Optional accessories: built-in power supply, wireless tablet, dual nozzle, etc.

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