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SS-V300A intelligent dry mist hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine wireless remote control touch screen operation

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SS-V300A intelligent dry mist hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine wireless remote control touch screen operation

Intelligent dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer principle:

Air purification disinfectors (for removing nucleic acids) are specifically designed to remove aerosol DNA/RNA from laboratory air, and can also disinfect space areas with microbial requirements. They can directly kill various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Intelligent dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer advantages:

Widely used in medical environments.

Efficient broad-spectrum sterilization: can kill various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Dry mist of atomized particles: uniform diffusion.

Hydrogen peroxide solution concentration ≤ 8%, good material compatibility.

Intelligent operation, one click control, one click start.

Sound and light alarm.

Multiple sets of room parameters can be set according to actual needs.

Equipped with four casters for easy movement and transfer.

Control: Wireless remote control or screen operation.

Permission management: Level 3 permissions.

With SOP, quick operation.

Equipped with equipment operation status light and horizontal liquid level monitoring window.

Optional: UV lamp, plasma, wireless tablet control.

Intelligent dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer technical parameters:

Sterilization volume: 300m.

Sterilization effect: Reaching Log6 level.

Screen size: 7 inches.

Equipment size: 410 * 350 * 950mm.

Equipment weight: 20kg.

Spray particle size: 5 microns on average Storage capacity: 5L.

Disinfectant solvent: Food grade hydrogen peroxide below 7.5%.

Equipment power supply: 220V, 50Hz.

Shell material: ABS engineering material.

Liquid level display: light display.

Wireless control: remote control.

Intelligent dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer application:

Suitable for general molecular biology laboratory spaces contaminated with nucleic acid aerosols, as well as places that require regular disinfection and sterilization in biosafety laboratories, GMP workshops, infectious disease wards, schools, hospitals, and research institutes.

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