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SS-V400A dry mist hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine broad-spectrum sterilization one click start

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SS-V400A dry mist hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine broad-spectrum sterilization one click start

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer principle:

The SS-V400A dry mist hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine uses a dry mist generator to completely atomize a hydrogen peroxide solution or spore killing agent with a concentration of 3-8%, and directly spray it to perform biological decontamination in enclosed spaces. Hydrogen peroxide generates free hydroxyl groups during the atomization process, which oxidize and damage cellular components such as lipids, proteins, and DNA. Aerosol hydrogen peroxide has the ability to kill various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses at room temperature. Suitable for air and surface sterilization under dry, low temperature (room temperature), atmospheric/vacuum/positive pressure conditions.

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer advantages:

Sterile pharmaceutical workshops are widely used, with a maximum capacity of 2500 cubic meters for disinfection and sterilization

Can penetrate color steel plates for wireless control

Efficient broad-spectrum sterilization: can kill various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores

Dry mist of atomized particles: uniform diffusion

22% hydrogen peroxide+4.5% peracetic acid, diluted 10 times for use, good material compatibility

Intelligent operation, one click control, one click start:

Multiple sets of room parameters can be set according to actual needs

Equipped with four legged wheels for easy movement and transfer

Control: Wireless remote control or screen operation

Permission management: Level 3 permissions

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer technical parameters:

Spray particle size: 1~5um on average.

Applicable liquids: Spore killing agent or 3-8% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant.

Spray rate: 0-32ml/min adjustable.

Control system: 2L.

Equipment size: PLC control system 7-inch color LCD touch screen.

System requirement: Level 3 permission password management.

Parameter settings: The device is equipped with built-in calculation software, which automatically calculates the amount and time of spraying without the need for manual calculation. The calculation results are displayed on the screen.

Parameter Memory: The disinfection area data storage function can store multiple sets of room sterilization parameters, including room number, room size, date, etc., which can be traced throughout the process. It comes with a built-in printer control.

System matching: Equipped with wireless remote control (optional with tablet control, multi device joint control, Internet of Things).

Sterilization effect: Achieve Log6 killing rate.

Sterilization volume: 300 cubic meters.

Storage capacity: 5L.

Equipment size: 400 * 350 * 950mm (length, width, height).

Equipment movement: Four casters.

Spray method; Direct injection.

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer application:

Suitable for general molecular biology laboratory spaces contaminated with nucleic acid aerosols, as well as places that require regular disinfection and sterilization in biosafety laboratories, GMP workshops, infectious disease wards, schools, hospitals, and research institutes.

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