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SS-V500A vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine wireless remote control

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SS-V500A vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine, wireless remote control

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer introduction:

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection is the use of hydrogen peroxide to generate free hydroxyl groups after vaporization, which are used to attack cellular components (including lipids, proteins, and DNA). It has the characteristic of killing various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses in a gaseous state at room temperature.

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer advantages:

6 orientations of air vents: uniform distribution of hydrogen peroxide gas.

Equipped with four casters for easy movement and use in clean areas.

Equipped with a printing machine and three-level password management permissions.

The device is equipped with a running status light, which displays the running status in a timely manner.

Can be sterilized through closed pipeline circulation.

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer technical parameters:

Sterilization volume: ≤ 500m.

Injection rate: 1-10g/min adjustable.

Applicable liquid: 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Liquid storage capacity: 2L.

Equipment size: 500 * 550 * 1200mm.

Equipment weight: 40kg.

Number of pores: 6

Control mode: built-in screen & wireless remote control.

Sterilization effect: achieved log6 killing rate.

Alarm device: equipped with sound and light prompts.

Audit function: Level 3 password, data tracking, real-time printing.

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer optional features:

Catalytic: decomposition wireless tablet control

Dehumidification function: AVG mobile car

Efficient filtration: real-time hydrogen peroxide detector

Infrared ranging: residual hydrogen peroxide detector

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