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Stainless steel horizontal stacked (decarbonized) filter energy-saving sealed filtration

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Stainless steel horizontal stacked (decarbonized) filter energy-saving sealed filtration

Stainless steel horizontal stacked (decarbonized) filter description:

- Horizontal filter is an efficient, energy-saving, enclosed filtration, completely enclosed filtration, leak free, and low environmental pollution.

- The filter disc adopts a horizontal design, and the filtering medium is composed of stainless steel filter mesh, which does not consume filter paper, filter cloth, and filter element.

- Can achieve one-time complete filtration, especially in high hygiene requirements, high viscosity, and highly toxic working conditions.. Filter cake can be washed and dried to achieve maximum economic benefits.

- Due to the use of stainless steel filter media, the filtration speed is fast and the service life is long.

- High filtration accuracy, using different mesh sizes of filter screens and selecting composite filter aids according to customer requirements, can achieve filtration effect in one go.

- The spacing of the filter discs can be adjusted according to different requirements, resulting in a large solid and slag capacity.

Stainless steel horizontal stacked (decarbonized) filter applications:

Filtration of activated carbon, clay, diatomaceous earth, and impurities in fats, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, paint coatings, food and beverage, chemical fibers, and wastewater.

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