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thermostatic shaker dry thermostat metal bath efficient mixing and heating combining shaker

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Product model: NMTS-5C / NMTS-5H

The Thermo Shaker is a sophisticated laboratory instrument designed to provide precise temperature control and vigorous mixing simultaneously. Combining the functionality of a shaker and a thermostat, it offers researchers a versatile tool for a variety of applications, including sample preparation, enzyme reactions, and cell cultures. With its programmable settings, intuitive interface, and reliable performance, the Thermo Shaker streamlines experimental workflows, ensuring optimal conditions for reactions that require both controlled temperature and vigorous agitation. Its compact design and user-friendly features make it an essential asset in molecular biology, biochemistry, and life science laboratories seeking efficiency and reproducibility in their experimental processes.

Features: Dual Functionality: Combining a shaker and a thermostat, the Thermo Shaker provides simultaneous sample mixing and precise temperature control. Adjustable Mixing Parameters: Users can customize shaking speed, duration, and temperature settings, allowing for optimal conditions tailored to specific experimental requirements. Compact Design: The instrument is often designed with a compact footprint, making it suitable for laboratories with limited bench space. Intuitive Interface: Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the Thermo Shaker allows researchers to easily program and control various parameters, enhancing operational efficiency. Functions: Temperature Control: The Thermo Shaker ensures accurate and uniform temperature maintenance, crucial for applications such as enzyme reactions, DNA denaturation, and bacterial culture incubation. Vigorous Mixing: The shaker function facilitates thorough sample mixing, ideal for applications like cell resuspension, protein expression, and homogeneous distribution of components. Programmable Protocols: Researchers can program complex shaking and temperature profiles, enabling automation and reproducibility of experiments. Safety Features: Many Thermo Shakers come with safety features such as over-temperature protection and automatic shutoff, ensuring the well-being of both the samples and the instrument. Applications: Molecular Biology Research: Ideal for DNA/RNA extraction, PCR preparation, and protein expression studies that require precise temperature control and efficient sample mixing. Microbiology: Used in bacterial and yeast culture incubation, as well as in microbial fermentation processes where consistent temperature and agitation are crucial. Enzyme Kinetics: Facilitates enzyme reactions by providing optimal and stable conditions for substrate interaction, supporting studies in enzymology. Drug Discovery: Valuable in pharmaceutical research for high-throughput screening, optimizing conditions for chemical reactions and assays. The Thermo Shaker is a versatile laboratory instrument that simplifies experimental procedures by combining temperature control and sample mixing. Its adaptability and user-friendly features make it an indispensable tool across various scientific disciplines, promoting efficiency and reproducibility in experimental workflows.

Product description:

The NMTS-5C/H dry thermostat uses microcomputer control technology to precisely control the temperature, which greatly reduces the time of experimental operation and improves the efficiency of the staff. It is an ideal automated tool for sample incubation, catalysis and preservation. This dry thermostat also has heating, custom programs and other multi-purpose functions. Meet the needs of different users.

Product features:

1, LCD liquid crystal display.

2, unique temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, good linearity, with programmable function.

3. with power recovery function, the instrument can automatically resume operation according to the original set program after power recovery.

4. microprocessor control, temperature control linearity.

5, with a timing function, 0~100 hours within the range of arbitrary setting of training time.

6, a variety of standard sample modules to choose from, easy to replace.

7, temperature calibration function.

8, multiple safety protection functions, in line with CE safety standards, safe and reliable.

9, optional power off recovery function, boot automatic operation function to meet the different needs of users.

Technical parameters:

 thermostatic shaker dry thermostat metal bath efficient mixing and heating combining shaker thermostatic shaker dry thermostat metal bath efficient mixing and heating combining shaker

NMTS-5H/C series replaceable modules
 thermostatic shaker dry thermostat metal bath efficient mixing and heating combining shaker

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