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Ultra-low temperature cryotrap use on refrigerated centrifugal concentrator cold trap

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The integration of the Ultra-Low Temperature Cryotrap with a refrigerated centrifugal concentrator represents a powerful synergy in analytical instrumentation, providing enhanced capabilities for precise and efficient sample preparation in scientific laboratories. This innovative combination merges the rapid sample concentration features of the refrigerated centrifugal concentrator with the ultra-low temperature trapping capabilities of the cryotrap, resulting in a versatile solution for researchers in various fields.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Concentration Mechanism: The system combines the high-speed centrifugal force of the refrigerated concentrator with the cryotrap's ultra-low temperature trapping, enabling dual-phase concentration for both speed and efficiency.

  2. Preservation of Sample Integrity: The ultra-low temperatures achieved by the cryotrap minimize thermal degradation, preserving the integrity of volatile and semi-volatile compounds during the concentration process.

  3. Optimized Chromatographic Performance: The synergy between the two technologies leads to optimized chromatographic performance, with the refrigerated centrifugal concentrator efficiently removing solvents, and the cryotrap enhancing the selectivity of target compound trapping.

  4. Broad Applicability: This integrated system finds utility across diverse applications, including environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, food and beverage testing, and forensic investigations, where the precise concentration of volatile analytes is essential.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an intuitive interface, the integrated system allows researchers to easily control concentration parameters, ensuring reproducibility and accuracy in results.


  1. Environmental Monitoring: Enables the concentration of trace-level environmental contaminants for subsequent analysis, enhancing the sensitivity of detection methods.

  2. Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Facilitates the concentration of pharmaceutical samples, ensuring the removal of solvents and impurities to meet stringent quality control standards.

  3. Food and Beverage Analysis: Enhances the concentration of flavor and aroma compounds, critical for the accurate characterization of food and beverage products.

  4. Forensic Science: Aids in the concentration of volatile compounds relevant to forensic investigations, contributing to the identification of specific chemical signatures.

The integration of the Ultra-Low Temperature Cryotrap with a refrigerated centrifugal concentrator delivers a sophisticated and efficient solution for laboratories seeking advanced sample preparation capabilities, ultimately improving the precision and reliability of analytical workflows.

Product description:

The ultra-low temperature cryotrap produced by Shanghai Bionoon Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a new type of high-efficiency solvent recovery device, which is used to condense solvent vapor and recover solvent, especially in organic solvent recovery. The cryotrap can significantly improve the efficiency of the vacuum concentration system, and the reduction of steam increases the vacuum of the system, thereby speeding up the concentration process.

Product features:

The ultra-low temperature cryotrap is a new and efficient solvent recovery device used to condense solvent vapor and recovering solvents, especially organic solvents. The cryotrap can significantly improve the efficiency of vacuum concentration systems, and the reduction of steam increases the vacuum degree of the system, thereby accelerating the concentration process.

1. Adopting original internationally renowned brand enclosed compressors, single-machine mixed environmentally friendly refrigeration technology, international standard green and environmentally friendly cooling medium, rapid refrigeration, the cryotrap temperature is low, and strong water capture capacity.

2. The cryotrap chamber is made of 304 stainless steel material, and there is no coil in the cryotrap chamber, which is smooth, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean.

3. Equipped with a compressor secondary start time protection and temperature overload protection system. And anti return oil vacuum pump is used, the main engine and the vacuum pump are connected using national standard KF16 quick release flange.

4. Cryotrap flange cold bridge anti condensation design.

5. Equipped with electric defrosting function.

Technical parameters:

Ultra-low temperature cryotrap use on refrigerated centrifugal concentrator cold trap

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