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Vacuum freeze dryer high pumping speed limit vacuum degree energy saving low noise

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NEWMEEN-4 Series Experimental Vertical Vacuum Freeze Dryer

The Vertical Vacuum Freeze Dryer is a sophisticated laboratory instrument designed for the precise freeze-drying of various samples. Operating on the principles of advanced vacuum freeze-drying technology, this equipment is adept at freezing samples at low temperatures and subsequently removing moisture under vacuum conditions. Its vertical design optimizes space utilization in the laboratory, making it a practical choice for research environments with spatial constraints.

Equipped with an intuitive control interface, this freeze dryer allows researchers to easily set and adjust parameters such as temperature, vacuum level, and drying time. Its vertical configuration enhances operational efficiency, enabling users to handle diverse sample types, including biological specimens, pharmaceutical formulations, food products, and more.

The Vertical Vacuum Freeze Dryer ensures high controllability, providing a gentle and effective means of preserving the original characteristics of samples. Its reliable performance safeguards samples from structural damage and maintains their chemical integrity throughout the freeze-drying process.

The Vertical Vacuum Freeze Dryer stands as a cutting-edge laboratory tool, offering researchers an efficient and space-saving solution for the freeze-drying of samples while upholding the integrity of the samples for subsequent experimentation or analysis.


The NEWMEEN-2 series, The NEWMEEN-4 series and The NEWMEEN-8 series experimental vacuum freeze dryer are widely used in medicine, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical and food fields. The freeze-drying items are easy to preserve for a long time, and can return to the pre-lyophilized state and maintain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water. NEWMEEN-2 series, NEWMEEN-4 series and The NEWMEEN-8 series freeze dryer, suitable for laboratory use or small production, can meet the requirements of routine lyophilization of most laboratories.

Experimental vacuum freeze dryer product features:

1.     Integrated structure design, small size, no external flange, easy to use, no leakage.

2.     All materials in contact with the product use inert materials that eet the requirements of the GLP.

3.     The cryotrap and operating table are made of stainless steel for corrosion prevention and easy to clean.

4.     All stainless steel inflatable (water) valve are designed and produced by our company to secure its safety, corrosion and no leakage.

5.     The cryotrap has a large opening, no inner coil tube, with sample prefreezing function, and no need for low-temperature refrigerator.

6.     Professional gas diversion technology, so that to catch ice uniformLy and forcely.

7.     International famous brand compressor of high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, low noise.

8.     Well-known brand vacuum pump with high pumping speed to achieve a higher limit vacuum degree.

9.     Industrial grade embedded FD-LAB special control system with high reliability and stability.

10.     Intelligent data recording system which can query the history curve and record, and can realize the data recording U disk export.

11.     The touch screen displays and records the cryotrap temperature curve, sample temperature curve and vacuum degree curve, besides, the data export can be browsed and printed by computer.

Technical parameters:

Vacuum freeze dryer high pumping speed limit vacuum degree energy saving low noise

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